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Coaches, Consultants and Service Providers:

Would you like to know how to attract a full audience of your ideal clients, design workshops that
speak to their challenges and get high paying 1-on-1 clients every time you run an event?

I know that:

  • You’re overwhelmed by online marketing and you are spending too much time trying to figure it out, which forces you away from what you are really good at – coaching!

  • You find yourself constantly looking for new clients even after getting certified. You thought it would be different by now and you will have a stream of new clients, and yet you are constantly looking to have a full roster.

  • You have exhausted all your networks and not sure where do you even go to get new clients? Feeling exhausted and starting to question whether you need to go get a “ real job”. The answer is No. I tried that- it didn’t work. I was giving my coaching business another chance 9 months later.

  • You still don’t know who your ideal client is so your messaging isn’t targeted at all, while everyone else seems like they have figured it out. Marketing is hard because you are talking to everybody and nobody.

  • You’ve struggled to fill the room at your past events and often events seem like a waste of time, effort, and money.

  • You’re best at coaching, but you are not a marketing guru.

Well, what if you could do what you love and make money?

I’ve been there and felt that same frustration with marketing and building a business as a coach that will feed my family of three. To have a consistent income doing what I love vs constantly feeling frustrated and desperate for new clients. 

I cracked the code and I want to share it with you.

Now I know that I didn’t have clear offerings and specific solutions for clients. Now I do.

I have created a step-by-step system for running live events and I work with coaches to help them build their own six-figure businesses. Here is why I have created this online program.

We are all craving community and human interaction. I call this model H2H – human to human. This is not your regular B2B model… 

in this system you will learn how to create authentic connections with your ideal clients, deliver value and allow them to get a taste of what it would be like to work with you 1-on-1.

You will also start building your organic following, people who will fall in love with your personality, energy and meet other like-minded people. We all know the power of a tribe.

Your community. Your people.

How rewarding it can be to look forward to the next event and opportunity to connect with you and their fellow tribe mates?

While I do believe in the importance of being present online and having a landing page for your clients to learn more about you, I have found that the most powerful way to attract new clients is to let them experience you. Stop talking about coaching- show them what you mean. Have an impact.

Blow their minds and invite them to go deeper with you 1-on-1. 

I have developed a Step by Step System that will help you to create your first community of potential clients, design, promote and facilitate your first two events.

Create your first coaching package so that you have an offer when you meet potential clients. This system includes the templates, scripts, PDF Workbooks, training videos and 1 on 1 calls with me. 

Anya is an incredible and supportive facilitator

"She is able to deliver dynamic presentations to women. I had the privilege of attending several of her workshops this year, and I was impressed by the takeaways. Anya truly cares about the people she serves, and she went out of her way to create a space where people could have authentic, vulnerable conversations. I recommend Anya for her leadership and coaching expertise."


So impressed with Anya’s coaching style as much as her cool character.

"I am so impressed with Anya’s coaching style as much as her cool character. We briefly touched upon every major aspect of my life and discussed some of my short term goals- which at that point I believed are somewhat unreal and impossible. Anya saw it differently. She told me one phrase and I will never forget: “you have a choice-and it’s only up to you to make it real”. I know we hear these things all the time but Anya had the power to actually make it sink into me."



Anya is an engaging and motivating speaker with a true passion for helping people live their biggest lives.

"I have had the great pleasure of participating in a number of workshops that Anya has led. She is an engaging and motivating speaker with a true passion for helping people live their biggest lives. I know I have personally benefited from Anya's coaching and the impactful workshops she runs. I would highly recommend Anya to anyone looking for someone with an understanding and ability to design and deliver engaging workshops."


Anya is a passionate community builder

"She creates space for learning and experimentation at all her events. She has a great sense of timing, knowing when to slow down and take the group deeper into reflection and when the energy needs shifting. With her strong observation and listening skills, Anya is a great to partner with for a transformational workshop or an engaging classroom training session."


There is nothing fake about her

"What I like the best about Anya is that she is bullshit. She has a tough tell it like it is side; a soft supportive, non - judgmental and loving side; and a crazy, fun and motivator side to her. Those things all rolled up into one is exactly what I liked best about working with her. I would recommend her to women who are struggling with moving forward. I love that she knows what she is doing, there is nothing fake about her and if clients you are open up to change...she will help you reach your goals. Oh yeah, I would also tell you that she is badass!!"


About Anya

Anya Romanova is a certified coach, instructional designer and facilitator. 

She is the co-founder of Modern Love Project , where she runs curated events for conscious singles in Toronto. She has spearheaded a women’s leadership group “Spark Your Life Sisterhood” with over 700 members,  designed and lead over 60 workshops in the last 3 years. She is a partner of Culture Crafters Consulting Agency (helping organizations build effective cultures.)

She’s on a mission to help coaches around the world to build tribes & make money they deserve.


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