I now completely believe that I am fabulous…

After working with Anya I have a CLEAR picture of where I am going professionally, what my dream looks like and what I need to do to get it. I have stepped out of my comfort zone…faced some of my fears. I now completely believe that I am fabulous and on my way to having the best life professionally I could ask for. I am so ready to ROCK THIS!!!
What I like the best about Anya is that she is real…no bullshit. She has a tough tell it like it is side; a soft supportive, non – judgmental and loving side; and a crazy, fun and motivator side to her. Those things all rolled up into one is exactly what I liked best about working with her.
I would recommend her to women who are struggling with moving forward.
I love that she knows what she is doing, there is nothing fake about her and if clients you are open up to change…she will help you reach your goals. Oh yeah, I would also tell you that she is badass!!
– Andree D’Auteuil RPC, RSSW