Even superwomen need days off

I am a perfectionist and a person who tries to handle everything myself, so I was hesitant to work with a life coach. I have always believed that I am the only one who can figure things out in my life and resolve all my issues: be it in a relationship, work or friendship. I was under impression that nobody else can understand what I want, and moreover accomplish, help or support me. I am a Superwoman and yes, I can. But am I happy? Anya is a very powerful coach, she is emotional and passionate person. Someone I could trust.
Some of the questions that she has asked me really hit home: ” Do you have to please everybody? Do you have to put everybody’s interests before yours? Do you really have to pretend and hide your emotions so you are liked? To all of you, I say – yes you can, but it will ruin you from inside out. I have learned to listen to myself, to understand and please myself and most importantly to let go of things, even when my Superwoman wants to fix them. Superwomen need days off as well.
Even though I am still in the process to start living my life the way I want to, but I am proud of my progress and thankful to Anya for showing me my true personality and identity.
– Katerina, Paralegal