Accountability with a coach pushes you to do things, but it is guiltless….

I really liked working with Anya. She is so easy going when it comes to connecting with people.She learns to adapt, but at the same time gets her point across about what is important and relevant. It really is a two way street with her and she makes sure both parties realize it. I was nervous I will be judged. My main concern was to being exposed to yet another person’s line of thinking and opinion on the direction one’s life should take.
The biggest lesson I have learned is that nothing is permanent. Anya has been instrumental in helping me find my passion and a way to reopen that door.There is still much work to be done, but I feel like the progress has been immense and I really needed that nudge/push/eye open to really step into.
I am so thankful and look forward to each and every one of our sessions with immense excitement and drive.
– Kris, Investment Banker turned into Entertainment Producer by yours truly.