I needed insight…

“I have hired Anya feeling unsure about my future and wanting insight into why I was not in a committed relationship. I wanted to get to know myself and understand why my life progresses as it is. I was looking for a coach to motivate me and give me guidance. Anya not only provides hands on constructive tools to help you improve areas of your life, but she does so with compassion and with a lot of insight. These are essential qualities to a coach. She will motivate you to believe in yourself and take the steps required to move you further along your goals.” Josie, Toronto


I was stuck for over 10 Years!

“I got on a call with Anna completely stuck in an area of life I’ve been stuck in for over 10 years. In about 40 minutes she had used her magical intuition and insight to unlock what many coaches over many years have been unable to tap into. Because of Anna I was able to break through one of the biggest barriers in my life and continue on in subsequent months to succeed in an area of my life that had baffled me for as long as I can remember.

Anna is a trained and certified coach, but she brings far more to the table than anything that can be learned in a classroom: compassion, intelligence, remarkable intuition and grace. If you want real, lasting changes in your life, Anna is your woman.”  Kate Anthony


I Deserve it!

“I was hesitant to work with a coach for the fact that my business model is not the usual small business but rather a Social Selling company. I absolutely loved working with Anya, her energy and the connection I felt almost immediately. Our session has given me the confidence to put my mission before my product, show my authentic self and keep things more intimate and private to keep me focused on connecting personally with each client.  I would recommend working with Anya to anyone I know that is looking for some clarification, confidence and a fresh approach to sorting out their priorities and what actions they need to take next.

Working with you is so absolutely amazing. You have a beautiful soul and your energy is so contagious. They deserve to connect with you and see where it may lead them. I am forever grateful.”  Tracey


Kind and Thoughtful

“Anya’s coaching is for those who are ready to hear it like it is. She will redirect you, she will hold you accountable, she will shine a light on the areas that you need to address. Anya is kind and thoughtful, but don’t let her nurturing coaching fool you, Anya means business! If you want to feel good but want results, work with Anya. You will not regret it!”  Laura M. Courrau


What I liked best…

“What I liked the best about working with Anya is her understanding and listening skills. She insists to see actions from her clients and not only promises. I love the fact that she won’t even work with people that don’t take any actions following the session. After 3 months of working privately with Anya I was able to stop school that I didn’t enjoy. To get clear on a profession that best suits me and makes me so happy. To start new program and get a new job as well as start a new chapter of happier life with my husband. She has completely shifted the way I see myself in work and relationship. I feel empowered and in charge of my life that leads to the amazing results. I no longer feel depressed but rather driven and excited about all the new changes that took place in such a short period of time.

You want to get clear and change areas of your life. You gotta work with Anya. You will see results. Stat.” Victoria, UK


A Bit Nervous.

“I was a bit nervous to work with a coach since I didn’t know if she could help me or even how. After just a few sessions I was able to create a gorgeous package for my business. I feel more confident and focused on what I need to do and have an action plan. Priceless.  You will get exactly what you need. I came into working with Anya thinking I knew what I needed and she completely pulled the truth out and helped me work through the things that I was avoiding – which was exactly what my businesses needed. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  You are such a pleasure, an inspiring energy and I am so thankful to have connected with you! I would definitely recommend Anya to women entrepreneurs that are ready to take their business to the next level.”  Megan Ross – Social Media and Marketing Specialist @


I’m Such a Perfectionist

“I am a perfectionist and a person who tries to handle everything myself, so I was hesitant to work with a life coach. I have always believed that I am the only one who can figure things out in my life and resolve all my issues: be it in a relationship, work or friendship. I was under the impression that nobody else can understand what I want, and moreover accomplish, help or support me. I am a Superwoman and yes, I can. But am I happy? Anya is a very powerful coach, she is emotional and passionate person. Someone I could trust. Some of the questions that she has asked me really hit home: ‘Do you have to please everybody? Do you have to put everybody’s interests before yours? Do you really have to pretend and hide your emotions so you are liked?’ To all of you I say – yes, you can, but it will ruin you from the inside out. I have learned to listen to myself, to understand and please myself and most importantly to let go of things, even when my Superwoman wants to fix them. Super women need days off as well. Even though I am still in the process to start living my life the way I want to, but I am proud of my progress and thankful to Anya for showing me my true personality and identity.”  Katerina, Paralegal


I have a huge fear of rejection…

“My greatest frustration coming into Coaching with Anya was relationship because I was afraid to go there…I have a huge fear of rejection and I’m frightfully shy when I 1st meet someone. The biggest hurdle that I overcame was setting up healthy boundaries, loving myself all over again and turning my fear into the potential to help others in the future. Money was a factor and if I was going to spend that kind of money I had to be dedicated to the process of becoming stronger mentally and emotionally. When you’re committing dollars to a process you have to be committed to do the work or it means nothing. I also had to believe in the process and I DID!

Once I completed the 12 weeks, I knew I would feel a sense of freedom to take control of my life and know where to go from here with relationships, business, family and life in general. The cost of not doing the work would be to keep living small and I am not prepared to go back to that feeling and attitude anymore. I am worthy of greatness and all around happiness.

Going through this process with Anya, I found that she had the potential to bring out my vulnerabilities to help reach my greatest potential. She also recognized who I am. Her commitment to help me reach my greatest potential and to resolve the personal issues that hold me back from moving forward. Anya has this way of not allowing you to stay in the swamp and wallow in despair but to acknowledge it, resolve it and move on. I love it.

I know my journey is not over and Anya will play a very big part in that but I also know what with her guidance I will trudge forward like the Viking woman in me. One thing I know for sure is that at the place, at the right time in life and it feels AWESOME! Just wait because I’m coming!!!

You are a phenomenal women, Anya! Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Allison, Toronto


I have a Clear Picture!

“After working with Anya I have a CLEAR picture of where I am going professionally, what my dream looks like and what I need to do to get it. I have stepped out of my comfort zone . . . faced some of my fears. I now completely believe that I am fabulous and on my way to having the best life professionally I could ask for. I am so ready to ROCK THIS!!!  What I like the best about Anya is that she is real . . . no bullshit. She has a tough tell it like it is side; a soft supportive, non-judgmental and loving side; and a crazy, fun and motivator side to her. Those things all rolled up into one is exactly what I liked best about working with her. I would recommend her to women who are struggling with moving forward.

I love that she knows what she is doing, there is nothing fake about her and if clients you are open up to change . . . she will help you reach your goals. Oh yeah, I would also tell you that she is a badass!!”  Andree D’Auteuil – RPC, RSSW


No BS Direct Approach

“I really like Anya’s no BS direct approach, her energetic personality, strength and how she always brings me back to the focal point when I start rambling. She will always point out my accomplishments, which I forget about and will also point out my flaws, which I hate hearing about, but it is one of the most powerful ways to acknowledge them and work on them. Since working with Anya I show up differently in my life and business, which attracts some great people. I feel more personal power of the fact that I am in control of my life. Me. No one else. And that is very powerful and important. Anya is fun, real and to the point. She will shoot it straight and she will challenge you, so ultimately you will see the results. I think it’s a mark of a true authentic professional leader.

I am thankful for having her in my life when I most needed someone else’s strength. A feminine strength. One who I can connect with on many levels, without judgement and with so much to give and to learn from.”  Elen – Business owner


What an Experience!

“Wow! What an experience. Through her non-judgmental personality, guidance and some very eye opening exercises I was able to see things from a completely different point of view. I allowed by view of certain circumstances and myself become very distorted and those views/beliefs have been holding me back from many things but most of all from moving forward and going after what I deserve.

Anya is very easy going and makes it very comfortable to open up to her. Following the session she emailed notes of our conversation along with an action plan. Reading this action plan it was very clear that she was paying very close attention and genuinely wants nothing but for me to succeed. I am now on a journey, it will take some time, nothing happens overnight but I know I am on the right path and I know if I ever need a little nudge Anya will be there for me.”  Jennifer C.


 I wanted someone to hold me accountable…

“I have hired Anya when my business was growing out of control and I had no idea how to streamline tasks and employees. I wanted someone to hold me accountable, since this is what I do all day with my employees , but I couldn’t do it for myself and I was tired of forcing myself to check in. I am not sure how long we would have lasted in our business without Anya helping us to get clear on goals and creating a real plan of action.

Anya is also an incredibly generous, kind and insightful person that seems to know exactly what you are going though before you do (yes, I know this is weird, but I can’t explain it any other way!). Finally, Anya loves what she does and this makes her AWESOME at guiding you toward the goals and milestones you want in your life or our business. I now have a business that is growing, but I have also recently lost my father and she was there with support, kind words and helping me find my focus again when I couldn’t see where and what I needed to be doing.” Martiel, The Artcademy


I Rediscovered My Passion

“Anya helped me rediscover my voice and passion. I was skeptical about coaching at first, but my life was such a mess, I was willing to try anything. Now I feel energized and focused again. Anya has such a rare gift for helping people get back on track to create a new and better life. She’s like my antidepressant!”  Karin Walkey, CEO


I’m Full Speed Ahead

“Since our work together with Anya, I have been able to recognize and move on from some debilitating fears that I had. There were some fears uncovered that I wasn’t even aware of: I have been full speed ahead since our session and am feeling lighter and more comfortable with myself. I would highly recommend working with Anya!

She gets real and to the point. Be prepared to go deep and really get to the root of the issue. It may sound scary but it’s actually freeing!”  Erin


The Biggest Lesson

“I really liked working with Anya. She is so easy going when it comes to connecting with people. She learns to adapt, but at the same time gets her point across about what is important and relevant. It really is a two way street with her and she makes sure both parties realize it. I was nervous I will be judged. My main concern was to being exposed to yet another person’s line of thinking and opinion on the direction one’s life should take.  The biggest lesson I have learned is that nothing is permanent. Anya has been instrumental in helping me find my passion and a way to reopen that door. There is still much work to be done, but I feel like the progress has been immense and I really needed that nudge/push/eye open to really step into.

I am so thankful and look forward to each and every one of our sessions with immense excitement and drive.”  Kris, Investment Banker turned into Professional Dancer.


I Cut Through the Confusion.

“Anya helped me cut through all the confusion and really get to the core of what my true purpose is and who I’m meant to serve. Her warm and patient personality makes her so easy to talk to. Like you’re talking to a friend . . . a super smart, tells you what you need to hear, knows you better than you know yourself friend.”  Sara Best –