10 Lessons I have learned from running a meet-up group in Toronto

Today I woke up to many messages on LinkedIn congratulating me on our 1 year anniversary with Spark Your Life Sisterhood ( YOU CAN JOIN OUR GROUP ON THE LEFT). Wow, I am blown away it is been a year. Last February Danika and I were drinking coffee and were just dreaming about creating the sisterhood and acknowledging this as something that is missing in our city. Today we are celebrating our first Anniversary! And I wanted to share 10 lessons I have personally learned from this … [Read more...]

5 Steps to enjoy your life now

It is finally sunny here in Toronto, but out of the habit I have my session in my home office. I coach clients on the phone from my home office. But, today is my session with my coach. We get on a call and start our session. This week we are working on connecting me with my feminine energy. This is the work that I did with my client and as I was taking notes – I took a note for myself. Anya – she is teaching you something here – she is having an impact and mirroring you what is missing in … [Read more...]

“Ultimate Re-Design Your Life Giveaway”

It is my birthday week and I wanted to do something crazy. Something generous. Something fulfilling. I feel happy and very joyful. I wanted to share some of this energy with you. I want to infuse your year with this lucky energy. I want you to win and set a chain of events that will lead to more happiness, more winning at life and maybe more love this year.... I am inviting you to enter your name for a chance to win a FREE "Ultimate Re-Design Your Life" session with me. What will … [Read more...]

What is 1 thing you can change that will have a huge impact on your life?

Today I had a very powerful coaching session with my coach. I have been feeling this need to slow down. There are a lot of bad things happening to people around me that I see as a sign to slow down. I am very passionate person and I push myself above and beyond my limits: physical and emotional capacity. What came out of this session that I have been using and abusing my body my whole life. I am very connected to my mind, I live in my mind and the body is just a tool to carry my smart head … [Read more...]