5 Steps to enjoy your life now

It is finally sunny here in Toronto, but out of the habit I have my session in my home office. I coach clients on the phone from my home office.

But, today is my session with my coach. We get on a call and start our session. This week we are working on connecting me with my feminine energy. This is the work that I did with my client and as I was taking notes – I took a note for myself. Anya – she is teaching you something here – she is having an impact and mirroring you what is missing in your life. Ouch. It happens all the time. I am more conscious now. There is always a reason why I attracted this client.

So, my coach Julie Veitch, by the way you can check her out here (www.innercorecoach.com) she is amazing at connecting you with your body, teaching you to listen to your body and creating from within.

5 minutes into the call – we discover this train, a very speedy train in my mind that is rushing. It is always rushing somewhere. And It is not just a subway train with stops in between – its World’s fastest Train like a Japanese Maglev Train. When it goes by you- it will blow you off with its speed. It will blow everything and everyone off.

Then Julie asks me(it sounds more like a demand.LOL) to get off that train, sit in the field and just watch the train pass by. All of a sudden I get this panicky feeling in my chest. I can recognize this fear inside – it is very well-known feeling to me. It is a fear of missing out. Missing out on life. Missing out on clients. Missing out on creating products. Missing out on amazing conversations. Missing out on kids growing up fast…. The list goes on and on..

So, my coach is bossy today and she wants me to hang up the phone, go outside and lie down on a grass, so we can continue our session while feeling the grass – not just talking about it.

What do you mean I ask her? I can just go outside and lie down on a grass right now? In the middle of the day?

“I can’t afford it yet. I have not done enough today. I have not done enough in life. I am not making enough money to just lie on the grass in the middle of the day”….

How many of you can resonate with this thought process? We got shit to do. Right?

You must learn to enjoy your life now as it is or else you will never be happy. It will never be enough. You will never be enough.

“So, here I am lying down on the grass asking myself the following:

  • What needs to happen for me to feel worthy to just do nothing for 30 minutes?
  • What do I need to achieve in my life to feel like I have time?
  • How much money do I need to have in my account to just freaking lie on a grass (which is free, btw)?

and I am inviting you to ask yourself the same!

“Do you really think that there will come a day when you will say, just like in a poker game – Enough. I am good.

Here is the dilemma most of us have. There is this assumption that I need to choose between masculine energy , which is the doing part of me, it is focused, it is very logical and productive part of me and feminine energy, that is nourishing, caring, accepting, intuitive and creative part of me.
How can I choose between blissfully laying on a grass and enjoying the clouds in the sky VS I need to make money, because I want more than the grass in my backyard – I want to ride a bike in Miami. I want to sail Sydney Harbor. I want to take my kids to New York.

Here is my realization today. You don’t need to choose. You can have both of them present. In order to survive – yes, I just said it. In order not to live, but survive this fast paced world we need to sometimes get off that train.

We must slow down and take time for ourselves. Not, when you have that dream house or a long awaited 5 day vacation time. We must do it now. Today.
You. Me. That girl rushing through the isles in the super market. The guy wearing a suit on a subway and sleeping in between stations. All of us. Today as we are.

Here are my 5 steps to make it happen:

  1. Give yourself a permission to be worthy of 30 minutes to do nothing every day
  2. Give yourself a permission to be worthy of 30 minutes to do nothing every day
  3. Give yourself a permission to be worthy of 30 minutes to do nothing every day
  4. Give yourself a permission to be worthy of 30 minutes to do nothing every day
  5. Give yourself a permission to be worthy of 30 minutes to do nothing every day

There. You got it. It is a permission that you give to yourself. Nobody will do it for you. When you see yourself rushing on that train and feeling behind. Feeling like you have not deserved the right to do nothing. Feeling like you can’t afford 30 minutes to spend on you – just give yourself a freaking permission.
Get off the f….. train and take a bath. Read a book. Go for a walk. Or do nothing and lay down on a grass.

Here is a new mantra for you:

I love myself. I care about myself. I am worthy to spend 30 minutes in my own schedule to do nothing

Just think about it. The idea that there will come a day when you will be able to afford the luxury of doing nothing is as old as you are. I am sure you thought the same 10 years ago, 5 years ago and maybe a year ago. It is a BS. Just a BS that we have been fed our whole life.

Make a choice today to get off the train for 30 minutes and let it pass by. What I love about the trains there will always come another one….
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What will you do today for yourself? What or who would you chooses to say No to, so you can say Yes to yourself?

Bye Bye the train. I am getting off to just lie down outside and have a glass of white wine in the middle of the day. Why not? I deserve it today, tomorrow and always just the way I am. Cheers!

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