As little girls, we spun our lives like fairytales,

with a series of quests to check off along the path to happiness.

Go to our first choice college.

Get swept away by that tortured rebel with the cool hair who is totally wrong for us (and justify spending days wrapped up in bed with them because, um, that ass?)

Realize we want to feel like we’re worth more than cheap wine and broken promises, and marry our perfect partner in love crime.

Ensnare the job of our dreams and buy a house to impress.

And when our ovaries start to cry out with insatiable longing…

Y’know. We do that “settling down” thing our moms/BFFs/sisters tells us all the normal kids are doing these days.

Let’s just kick the rainbows, unicorns and fairy dust right off that load of B.S. Because life rarely falls into place as magically as we’re led to believe, and when it doesn’t, we cloak our hearts in blame and self-doubt. (Seriously. Stop that.)

It’s time to quit living in self-blame.
And start living in self-love.

You’ve got the kids, you’ve got the relationship, you’ve got the career, but somewhere along the way you have lost yourself.

You have achieved all the things you thought would make you happy, but still feel empty and unfulfilled on the inside.

You have this picture perfect life and yet numb yourself with a glass of red every night.

You have sacrificed your desires for so long that you don’t even know what you enjoy anymore

You are hot-damn ready to walk away from the constant impulse to compare yourself to other who look like they have it all while you are still just trying to feel your way around.

If you feel like it is my time to redesign my life and my business on my terms.

If you are ready to reinvent and rebirth yourself to thrive in business and life.

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Anya Romanova- Identity Architect and Life Style Coach based in Toronto.

She is certified through Coaches Training Institute and Accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
Anya is the founder and visionary of Spark Your Life Sisterhood in Toronto and works with clients via phone and skype all over the world.

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